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Perth Amboy, NJ
Mayor Photo Wilda Diaz

Mayor's Bio

Wilda Diaz was re-elected as Mayor of the City of Perth Amboy for a third [four-year] term in November 2016. She was first sworn-in on July 1, 2008, becoming the first female to hold that office and is currently the only elected Latina mayor of Puerto Rican descent in the State of New Jersey.

As she marks her 10 year anniversary in serving the City of Perth Amboy, she remains at the forefront of issues such as, expanding programs for our children, youth and families, maintaining an open and honest government, business expansion, economic development, job creation and preserving the City’s history. Furthermore as a recovery effort from the damage of Superstorm Sandy, over $17 million for renovations and storm mitigation were invested to create a state-of-the-art waterfront, which has received exceptional awards for design and completion.

Diaz, most notably has taken an unwavering stance to stabilize the City’s financial condition. She continues to combat inherited debt, she’s achieved an A+ bond rating upgrade and stabilized taxes for the past four consecutive years. Her administration’s Capital Improvement Program and several other cost cutting strategies, reduced the overall debt by over $50 million and saved a community from near bankruptcy within the first five years of being in office.


William A. Petrick, Council President

Bill Petrick has deep family roots in Perth Amboy.  A life long resident of our city, his family has lived here for over one hundred years. He graduated from Perth Amboy High School and holds an Associate's Degree in applied Science, Marketing from Middlesex County College, Bachelor's Degree in Management from Kean University, as well as holding a Construction Official, Fire sub code HHS, Fire Official, and Fire Instructor licenses from the State of New Jersey.
Bill resides here with his wife and four children. He participates in the family floral business established by his grandfather and he is a member of Holy Spirit Parish. Bill has an extensive history of community volunteerism, including:
  • President Perth Amboy Exempt Fireman's Association
  • Representative and life member of the New Jersey State Fireman's Relief Association
  • Past member of the Perth Amboy zoning Board
  • Past member of the Perth Amboy Board of Education
  • Former Perth Amboy Volunteer Fire Chief
  • Member of the Volunteer Division - Perth Amboy Fire Department for more than 35 years.
“It is my privilege and honor to serve you; the citizens of our great Perth Amboy community. I look forward to helping the Mayor, my fellow Council Members, and our City workers to better the lives of all the members of our community."

Helmin J. Caba, Council Member

Councilman Helmin J. Caba considers himself proud and blessed to have lived in our historical City of Perth Amboy since 1977. He and his beautiful wife Wendy are lifelong residents and homeowners.

Councilman Caba was born in La Vega Province of the Dominican Republic in 1973. After emigrating from the Dominican Republic, His parents, Jorge and Gladys Caba, instilled upon him the importance of hard work and the feeling that no matter how successful you are you have a responsibility to help others. His parents led by example in achieving the American dream they so solidly embraced. They became American citizens and worked multiple jobs to support their family.

Councilman Caba has deep, strong roots in Perth Amboy, and is a member of the Most Holy Name of Jesus Parish. Striving to empower those around him, Councilman Caba has a long history of community activism and volunteerism. He cares deeply about our future and is committed to work as hard as necessary to make our city a better place to live and work. As a community leader that has experience in different fields, he brings fresh vision and renewed energy to the Perth Amboy City Council.

Fernando Irizarry, Council Member

Fernando has been a life-long resident of Perth Amboy. He was educated in the Perth Amboy public schools and proudly graduated from Perth Amboy High School in 1979. After graduation he attended Kean College, now known as Kean University. In 1985 he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biology. Fernando continued his studies at Kean University until he earned certifications in bilingual education and supervision and a master’s degree in instruction and curriculum.

Fernando’s community involvement began in 1991 when he was elected to the Perth Amboy Board of Education. During his nine year tenure he served on the curriculum, personnel, negotiations, and buildings and grounds committees. With his fellow board members he replaced crumbling schools, aligned the curriculum, approved balanced budgets and maintained a stable school tax. It was here where he learned the valuable lessons of disagreeing without being disagreeable and compromising without compromising my principles.

Upon becoming an ordained minister in 2002 his attention turned to the development of a different community – the community of saints. As a pastor of Flemington Christian Center and associate pastor of Perth Amboy Christian Center he endeavored to develop concerned citizens by helping his congregants to understand that they have a God-given potential to positively influence the world in which they live.

Joel Pabon, Sr., Council Member

Councilman Joel Pabon Sr. is a life-long resident of Perth Amboy. He is married to Marilyn; together they are proud parents of two sons Joel Jr and Jason. Joel has been employed for over 26 years as a Customer Service Supervisor at the Perth Amboy Post Office. He is retired after 23 years of military service as First Sergeant in the U.S. Army. His service to our country earned him numerous military commendations.

Pabon’s dedication to the City of Perth Amboy is shown in his active community involvement as: former board member of the Perth Amboy Public Schools from 2000-2009 and as coordinator for the Safe Haven after School Program from 2004-2009. Pabon was also the former president and coach of the Perth Amboy Youth League, Puerto Rican, Dominican and Latin American Softball leagues for over 20 years and is currently a member of the Guayacanes Traveling Softball Team. Pabon is also a member of (A-Plus) African-American Postal League United for Success and is a member of (NAPS) National Association of Postal Supervisors Branch 327.

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