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Police Chief Appointed

Chief Named for the Perth Amboy Police Department

Perth Amboy, New Jersey (July 17, 2019) – Mayor Wilda Diaz is pleased to announce the appointment of Roman McKeon as Chief of Police for the Perth Amboy Police Department.

“I want to personally thank and commend Chief McKeon for taking on such a great responsibility in our City and to stand as the head of our law enforcement and lead over 100 men and women on their daily task of protecting this City. He has not only committed most of his life to Perth Amboy, but he has shown his devotion to all of our residents. I trust that with his 30 years of experience, training and knowledge, he will continue to secure the well-being of our community, said Mayor Wilda Diaz.
Chief Roman McKeon has a distinguished 30 plus year career enduring public safety for City of Perth Amboy with a culturally diverse population. Through hard work and dedication he has risen through the ranks, culminating in his promotion to Police Chief.

He established the Junior Youth Academy, which is in its third year, allowing Perth Amboy youth to experience and train in a junior police cadet program. The Police Chaplain Corps has been recognized state-wide for its partnership with the community on forging positive working relationships with the public. He is commitment to the community in active partnerships and collaborations. He has expanded community outreach, while advocating for programs that support community initiates with the State Attorney General’s Office. Chief McKeon is a regular speaker at conferences and leadership classes in the State of New Jersey address officials and professional on “How to Make Communities Stronger.”

Throughout his career, he served as the SWAT Team Commander for Special Services, as well as the Range Instructor for the Police Pistol Range. During his term as Acting Chief of Police, the Perth Amboy Police Department received their NJSACOP Accreditation. His focus has been on the expansion of Community Policing and through that, Perth Amboy was one of only six (6) Police Departments to be recognized by the State Office of the Attorney General for outstanding police/community partnerships. Additionally, as Acting Chief through a partnership with Cathedral International, the Perth Amboy Police Department established its first Police Substation in the heart of our city.

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